Hello Neil and all

> KN3ILZ/VE1 ... so it should be 'clickable'

Yes, clickable - but the problem mentioned by Igor, UA3DJY
WSJT-X does not tag you in Canada, if it sees 'KN3ILZ/VE1', it will
locate you in '~U.S.A.'

So, any appendix with /Vxx should be tagged as in Canada.

Another problem area is the cty.dat.

KC2FZN will be registered as on the Northern Mariana Islands (KH0), but
he operates in NY. Reason - there is a 'KC2F' in the table of cty.dat
as on the Northern Mariana Islands. Surprisingly the FCC registered a
call sign 'KC2F' plus a call sign 'KC2FZN'.

WSJT-X runs apparently a pattern match in cty.dat with 'KC2F'
and assigns both to the Mariana Island. Additional, KC2F is according
to QRZ.com registered NY too. Wrong, or old entry in cty.dat plus a
decoding issue. Kind of a chain of 'whoops' ;-)

73 de Wolfgang

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