this is a two-part request:

i'm leaning heavily toward yojimbo, after trying out various competitors, especially one called "kit." so now, i'd like to transfer some items from kit into yojimbo. but when i do, yojimbo registers the date of *import* as the date *created*, which causes associated documents (such as pdfs that all pertain to one project) to appear out of order, when viewing by date. i often view by date so i can quickly reference all of the most recent documents -- of various types -- within any folder. but yojimbo's current behavior prevents this. (of course, i'm referring to pre-existing documents, such as pdfs, etc.) so i was hoping that yojimbo's date fields were editable -- perhaps in the inspector window -- but alas, they are not.

hence, request #1: the ability to edit the creation and modification dates.

IMHO, registering the date of *import*, as if it were the date of creation, is simply incorrect. (the date that a pre-existing document was imported into yojimbo seems completely irrelevant to me, as opposed to, say, a note that is actually created within yojimbo.)

hence, request #2: yojimbo should inherit a pre-existing document's original date of creation. or, if some users find the current behavior useful, i'd love to see a preference to toggle this behavior.

i don't know if the topic of yojimbo copying vs. pointing to documents has already been discussed. for the record, i do wish yojimbo simply pointed to documents, rather than making copies of them. however, in the absence of that functionality, if yojimbo must copy each document, it should inherit the original dates of creation (just as the finder does).

please consider this!  :-)



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