On 5/25/07, Kenneth Kirksey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Man: This hammer you sold me isn't fully featured! It doesn't do what
I want a hammer to do!

Clerk: (looking perplexed) What doesn't it do?

Man: It won't drive this (holds up philips head screw) into wood!
Where do you get off selling me a hammer that doesn't do everything I
want it to do!

I have to admit, I find the allusion apt!

I currently have 9 tag collections and 809 items in my library. I use
Yojimbo to manage all sorts of loosely related odds and ends, but I
use folders (in the Finder) to organize more structured projects.
(Like a Rolodex and a filing cabinet, to belabor the traditional
desktop metaphor.) I certainly recognize that people work in different
ways, though.


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