[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Niels Kobschätzki) wrote on 5/24/07:

Only being curious but how many tag collections/collections does other users have

17000+ items. I have 8 collections at the moment and no tag collections. Some of my collections are temporary such as for the duration of a project. Once the project is completed and I am no longer referring to its source materials on a daily basis, I delete the collection and find what I want through tag or some other search. For my tastes, I don't like to keep folders or collections of items, most of which I very rarely view. I do the same with folders on my desktop.

And occasionally, I do make tag collections which are *very* temporary, such as all recipes which use strawberries. I do this when I want to refer to this group for more than a minute or so and also want to free up search for some other use.

I also flag a small number of documents (maybe 15 or so), that I know I'll want to see fairly often without having to search or browse.


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