Some of the comments in this thread have been along the lines of
"Well I can find what I'm looking for amongst my 200 Bajillion items
in moments - and, look Ma, no collections, ain't I grand". Well,
great for you, but there are other ways of reviewing data than
knowing what you want and extracting it with aplomb from a big messy
pile. There is a very good reason why this is useful and why
organising these collections better would be even more useful� Browsing.

The scene: A man storms angrily into a hardware store, carrying a hammer in one hand an a screw in the other. He stomps up to the customer service desk and proceeds to give the clerk a good tongue lashing.

Man: This hammer you sold me isn't fully featured! It doesn't do what I want a hammer to do!

Clerk: (looking perplexed) What doesn't it do?

Man: It won't drive this (holds up philips head screw) into wood! Where do you get off selling me a hammer that doesn't do everything I want it to do!

Clerk: (looking even more perplexed). Sir, hammers are for driving nails, not screws. We've got nails if you'd like to use your hammer, or we can sell you a screwdriver to use with your screws. There are plenty of options, but you can't drive a screw with a hammer.

Man: Dammit, I don't want nails or a screwdriver! I want to drive these screws with this hammer! What's wrong with you people! How do you even keep customers? If a customer wants a hammer that will drive screws, then dammit, you give them a hammer that will drive screws! I don't care what the hammer was designed to do, I want it to do what I WANT IT TO DO!

Clerk: (now afraid that he's talking to a bat-s**t crazy lunatic) Sir, the manager's office is right over that way...

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