Costin-Tiberiu RADU wrote:
> Checked.
> And partially solved the problem.
> The problem is that the server does not want to register ekiga.
> On the other hand wehn I tried with kphone the registration worked.
> However, when trying to place a call, even if all the parties registrated
> successfully (both received a 200 OK message) the server sais that it does
> not know how to find the other party.
> (and yes I checked the logs, and the configs, and the next step is digging
> through the source files to

Can you perhaps share logs showing these two problems?

YXA is usually very interoperable with clients, so Ekiga should work as 
well as anything else.

If there is a NAT between your clients and the registrar 
(incomingproxy), you might want to try setting up an outgoingproxy 
application and configure your clients to REGISTER through the 

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