Costin-Tiberiu RADU wrote:
> I solved (sort of accidentally) the authentication problem . (configuration
> problem of the userdb).


> The clients are all in the same subnet. They all know of each other via
> /etc/hosts
> (ping, ssh, whatever other protocol works, so connectivity is not a problem,
> and no NAT is in between)
> Still, I cannot initiate a SIP session.
> I attached the config files.
> You can see below what yxa prints while in debug mode when I try to initiate
> a call:

This is actually not the debug logs (all have priority 'normal') - go 
look in the incomingproxy.debug file for additional details. Look around 
the timestamp of the following lines :

> 2009-03-14 12:11:34.944 normal<0.493.0>:z9hG4bK-yxa-dewgpmysa85uimbbfrwoow:
> incomingproxy: Proxy INVITE -> sip:ga...@;transport=udp
> 2009-03-14 12:11:34.947
> normal<0.495.0>:z9hG4bK-yxa-dewgpmysa85uimbbfrwoow-UAC INVITE: Sending
> INVITE sip:ga...@;transport=udp (to tcp:
> 2009-03-14 12:11:34.954
> normal<0.495.0>:z9hG4bK-yxa-dewgpmysa85uimbbfrwoow-UAC INVITE: Transport
> layer failed sending INVITE sip:ga...@;transport=udp to
> tcp:, pretend we got an '503 Service Unavailable'
> 2009-03-14 12:11:34.958

What I can tell from this is that YXA chooses to try to send the INVITE 
using tcp "(to tcp:" although the client seems to 
have registered using UDP ("transport=udp"). The incomingproxy.debug 
output should confirm this.

I'm guessing a bit here, but I guess that you will see in the debug logs 
that the INVITE is too large to be sent using UDP (while being standards 
compliant), so YXA chooses TCP. The client however, is not RFC3261 
compliant and does not implement TCP and the INVITE fails.

Sometimes breaking the standards improve interoperability. Try setting 
the configuration parameter udp_max_datagram_size to 3000 or similar. If 
my guess about what is going on here is correct, that would probably 
"solve" your problem.


PS. The README has a typo for that configuration parameter, it talks 
about "before switching from TCP to UDP" when it should be the opposite, 
from UDP to TCP.
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