Costin-Tiberiu RADU wrote:
>  debug<0.331.0>:Transport layer: Failed sending request (1353 bytes) to udp:
>, error eaddrnotavail

I've never seen an eaddrnotavail before - not sure what that is. Do you 
have some kind of exotic interface connection, like IP aliases on the 
server or similar? What operating system?

> From this behavior  I  understand that despite the server sending 200 OK
> messages upon registration to the two UAs, when it comes down to allowing
> them to talk to each other it does not know where they are.

Well, if that is the case then the clients are not using their real 
addresses in the Contact header of the REGISTER messages, when 
registering. Otherwise, the problem is more likely to be that YXA for 
some reason can't send UDP datagrams to the client.

Did you try what I suggested about udp_max_datagram_size? The "Failed 
sending request (1353 bytes) to udp:" further suggests that the problem 
might be that the INVITE is larger than 1200 bytes, which is the default 
limit for udp_max_datagram_size.

> Is there a way I can see which users are at a given moment registered ?
> (besides direct queries to the mnesia database)

Set up the web interface, or start incomingproxy with "-d" to get an 
erlang shell. At the erlang shell prompt, enter


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