Costin-Tiberiu RADU wrote:
> Thanks a lot for the help.
> I attached all the config files (including for the dns zone (I called it
> (from experimental - i.e. it has nothing to do with any real
> domain))).
> And yes I did what you suggested, and increased the udp max size to over
> 3000.

Thank you for providing all the information at once.

I had a look, and yes - YXA fails to send UDP packets to 
udp: with an error of eaddrnotavail. This is strange, 
and I have no idea what that really means (does respond 
to pings from the SIP server? What operating system is the server using?).

However, you are REGISTERing user *Riemann* at

   2009-03-18 23:05:39.186
     incomingproxy: REGISTER Riemann at
     (priority 100, expire in 3600)

but you are trying to INVITE user *Gauss*

   2009-03-18 23:05:42.901
     normal<0.202.0>:z9hG4bK-yxa-louzmlxf5ksy0rqytrrlgw-UAS INVITE:
     INVITE [client=udp:,

and apparently, there is information in your location database that user 
Gauss can be reached at (note IP *148*, not *146*)

   2009-03-18 23:05:42.911 debug<0.201.0>:Routing: lookupuser on
     "" -> proxy to

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