Costin-Tiberiu RADU wrote:
> Managed to fix it (modified all the names in the user database so that
> they authenticate with full sip URI (u...@sip_server) 
> e.g. : 
>     {user, [{name, ""},...
>  instead of just
>     {user, [{name, "Noether"},...
> I do not know why it works with the UAs I am using better this way.

Strange beyond belief. You should compare logs. The SIP username has 
absolutely _nothing_ to do with UDP datagrams. Something else must have 
changed too.

> Many thanks for the advices and pointing where to look.

You are welcome. Glad that you got it working.

> An additional question, from what I read pstnproxy translates from sip
> URIs to e164 numbers and forwards everything to a pstn gateway.
> So, from my understanding it does not include any media gateway
> functionality, all of it being taken care by the external pstn gw.
> Is this correct?

Correct. YXA only speaks SIP (well, a tiny bit of STUN too).

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