My setup looks like this:

All three PCs are connected to the same ethernet network


.149 also acts as a DNS server for the small network.

All the hosts see each other (actually, I have at all time ssh sessions
to all of the PCs ).
Plus, in the scenario both users Riemann and Gauss register before I try
to initiate anything.

What is most intreaguing to me is that despite the information seems to
exist in the user database in yxa, still, when an INVITE comes from one
of the users to the other, yxa does not know how to find it.

Regarding the operating system, I use FreeBSD 7.1 with erlang version
5.6.4 and for yxa I used the latest version from cvs.
Do you know of any working deployment of the cvs version (or version 1+
for that matter) ?

Best regards and thanks for the help

Costin-Tiberiu RADU <>

În data de Vi, 20-03-2009 la 10:39 +0100, Fredrik Thulin a scris:

> Costin-Tiberiu RADU wrote:
> > Thanks a lot for the help.
> > I attached all the config files (including for the dns zone (I called it
> > (from experimental - i.e. it has nothing to do with any real
> > domain))).
> > And yes I did what you suggested, and increased the udp max size to over
> > 3000.
> Thank you for providing all the information at once.
> I had a look, and yes - YXA fails to send UDP packets to 
> udp: with an error of eaddrnotavail. This is strange, 
> and I have no idea what that really means (does respond 
> to pings from the SIP server? What operating system is the server using?).
> However, you are REGISTERing user *Riemann* at
>    2009-03-18 23:05:39.186
>      normal<0.193.0>:z9hG4bK-yxa-c6dx8uo1ykc2q1ugyiy1og:
>      incomingproxy: REGISTER Riemann at
>      sip:riem...@;transport=udp
>      (priority 100, expire in 3600)
> but you are trying to INVITE user *Gauss*
>    2009-03-18 23:05:42.901
>      normal<0.202.0>:z9hG4bK-yxa-louzmlxf5ksy0rqytrrlgw-UAS INVITE:
>      INVITE [client=udp:,
>      from=<>,
>      to=<>]
> and apparently, there is information in your location database that user 
> Gauss can be reached at (note IP *148*, not *146*)
>    2009-03-18 23:05:42.911 debug<0.201.0>:Routing: lookupuser on
>      "" -> proxy to
>      "sip:ga...@;transport=udp"
> /Fredrik
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