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> --- In zbmethod@yahoogroups.com, "Doug Lee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > What do you mean by double-Sune? Are you refering to the H1 cases? I 
> > already have those. The one where there is no EP is my slowest, feel 
> > free to work on that one, it's the only non-trivial one there I 
> > think, the ohter's are easy/fast. Work on the other H-Orientation 
> > cases, I don't think many people have looked at those yet.
> You don't mean F (RUR'U')*3 F', do you?
> ~ Bob

Yes, actually, I do.  There are plenty of people working on T and even
U algs, Doug and others have the no corner perm algs covered pretty
well, and I know at least Dan Harris has a start on the L algs.  After
that, no one seems to have a distinct order in mind.  I think the
smartest way to learn the algs would be to learn the diagonal perm
algs, because the recognization is slightly easier than adjacent
corner perms, and because that gives you a 37% chance for a 1 look.

The H orientation only comes up 2/3 as often as the others, but it
would be a good starting point because it only has 2/3 as many cases.


P.S. If someone really wants to be helpful, they could use ACube for
me for a day, first. ;)

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