I'm in.  Wise idea.
-brent M_

cmhardw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hey everyone,

I've been talking to Richard a lot lately, and he really inspired me
about one thing.

I think ZBLL can be extremely fast, but we have to set a higher
standard for it.  We have to set the standard of sub-3 average for
every alg (just straight execution) and that would make the LL have a
sub-4 solve time with recognition also (in theory).

Well I don't think even a few people could do this in a short amount
of time, so here is the suggestion.  ZB doesn't have much popularity
yet, since it isn't fast.  Sadly it will take that to get many to
notice.  Also, why learn ZBLL quickly now and redo 300 algs later when
it does gain some popularity after people have learned it, when we can
all work on generating algs (with the sub-3 requirement) and make it
fast now?

It would work like this, learn ZBLL in any way you want, and generate
and save all algs for that path.  If you are learning algs that have
already been generated, then learn the algs you want from a webpage or
from someone, but generate other cases only to make them fast, learn
them later.

We could each take a COLL case and generate algs and spend a few weeks
or maybe a month on optimizing each case to sub-3.

After that we can meet here and post the best ones on a central
website (perhaps Ron will lend us a space in the Algs section).

I think if we make ZBLL fast right from the start, then we can learn
the fastest ZBLL right from the start and have a chance for the method
to be fast.

I know a lot of you guys are very serious about the method, so I ask:
who is willing to help me make a sub-3 requirement for ZBLL a reality?
I can start with my slowest T algs (some are already easily sub-3)
and work from there.  Again you don't have to learn the algs you
generate, learn however you want, but spend time each day helping
optimize the ZBLL.

I think with all of us it will still not be much man power, but it
will be enough to make a start.

I will now require sub-3 for all algs, and try to spend a few weeks to
1 month on each COLL case to really get this right.  I will stop
learning until my T and U algs are fully sub-3 optimized.

Also if sub-3 is just not possible, let's find the true limit, and get
under that.

ZB can still have a change, but we have to have a higher standard than
sub-4.  I'm already convinced that a sub-4 ZBLL stands no change
whatsoever against Fridrich.

I'm going to start on my worst T cases and go from there.  Is anyone
else interested?  Let me know, I would really love for all of us to
really take this method seriously (we already do, but I think a new
level of dedication will be required for ZB to be fast) and move this
method into being a top level method?



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