Hey everyone,

Richard Patterson and I have been talking, and here is a proposed
delgation of responsibility.  We're really turning into a research
team like Gilles said, so I think it would be best if we delegated the

Here is the proposed delegation.  Let's see how this would work based
on our resources, and also with what each person wants to do.

A->  The lead will be in charge of delegating groups B, C, & D.

B->  Those in charge of Web Space Management have two main
responsibilities.  First,
to receive raw sequences from group C, and to post them online in a
way that it is
readily available for group D.  Second, to post optimized sequences
received from
group D.

C->  This group's main responsibility is to generate raw sequences for
target cases,
as delegated by the lead.  Upon generating those raw cases, this group
will be
responsible for sending their output to group B.

D->  This group is responsible for optimizing raw sequences posted
online by group B.  Upon optimizing, this group will send their
results to group B to be posted.

**  To insure focus and synergy among the groups, the lead must
collaborate with all
the groups.  The target cases should be known and sought by each
group.  This will
help for organizational purposes.

Also since we are a small group, we may need to overlap a little bit
as well.  I am willing to do any of the above responsibilities.  My
computer processor is open for searching, and I also really enjoy
optimizing sequences.

Also we can use my space on speedcubing.com to post sequences that are
both raw sequences and optimized.  I will e-mail Ron as well and see
if we can use the space on the algorithms page for our final sequences.

This is really exciting!  I think with this group effort to optimize
ZBLL that we will be able to bring it into prominence as a method and
get others interested.  Also, I belive that a group effort could make
ZB a very efficient method, possibly even more efficient that Fridrich.

It sounds like we are all dedicated and ready to start working on the
method.  All we need now is to organize ourselves and we can really
efficiently start optimizing algs.

Let me know what you think.  It already sounds like we have people
wanting to do certain things, so let's try to organize.

First thing, everyone say what you think of the proposed delegation. 
First off, does it fit our resources?  Also, do we have enough people
to make this work?  I've made a database, basically just a roll call,
of who is interested in working in taking part of the optimization.

Well, we won't be the inventors of ZB, but we'll sure be remembered as
the ones who really turned it into a nice speedcubing method :-)

Let's really turn this team [zb] idea into a serious team that's well
known in the speedcubing community.

Also, with the new variations that are coming up, I think we should
handle those accordingly on the central website.  Any alternative to
ZBLL that includes ZBLL will need optimized algs, so perhaps we should
start with those cases first in our optimization.  If we can fill all
the algs necessary for a variation of ZB with super nice algs, maybe
we can bring the skeptics into the method by allowing them to try a
superfast variation of ZB before committing to the whole method.

This is all very exciting for me!  I'm glad that we all have the
interest in this method!

Ok, everyone post in the database if you are interested in being on
the research team, and also what resources are available to you.

Thanks everyone, and I think we've definitely become a full strength
team.  Now we just have to show the speedcubing community that we're
serious, and that we mean business.

Team [ZB]

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