With Palms together,

Zen is defined as the universal life force and wisdom. It emcompasses all. 

Once we had an opinion, we have foresaken the ones with opposite opinion.  Then we are not in sync with Zen, we are in sync only with our mind.

Karma of this world distributes, we can not remain purified, if we keep every effort to ourselves. Everyone is part of this life force of Zen, whether he/she is aware or not.

There is a reason for everything, everyone, every event in this universe.

If you are connected, you need not to be afraid, because Zen dictates everything. It always provides, harmonizes and balances.

A deep bowl to you all.

Be Joyous.

Tony <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
In July, it will be seven years since I began the Zen Forum.

What have I learned in those seven years?

The people that have deep insights and a well-developed personality
don't need to be here. The people that lack those qualities don't learn
anything from being passive participants on an internet list.

Best wishes,


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