Dear Mayka,
  Yes, experiences do come from the pieces of our daily life. And yes, we  are 
not enlightened yet. So every experiences from our life are  witnesses of our 
progression, and they are precious moments by  themselves. So try to write down 
your experiences so that they can be  shared by even more people.
  If philosophy is not as much of interest to you as real-life  experiences, I 
figured this website might be of interest to you. Many  sharings are very 
real-life, and even some are translations of Zen  Master's teachings, they are 
very much related to our daily life as  well (as they are such selected).

Mayka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                                
  Dear Donald:
  It's good to meet you.  In response to your question about if I can 
  share my experience and practice, I would like to tell you that 
  Practice and experiences are shared as they come naturally out.  Would 
  you mind to rephrase a little bit your question?. I know that my 
  presentation was a little bit abrupt and please do all forgive me.  I 
  suppose I am a little bit tired of days of searching lively groups. 
  People who are not afraid to talk.  We are not enlightened, why then we 
  should be so dull and pretend something that we are not?.  Let's just 
  be oneselves!. Let's practice together and exchange our real 
  experiencies.  This is all what I meant.
  A white Lotus from

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