What is a gross offender? 

Who decides?

Is this Mob Rule?

What if the grossest offender needs the most help? Are we to shut the doors on 
that person?

Is this enlightenment only for the polite and politically correct? Does the 
black sheep have no shepherd?

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  The other solution is to keep it open but remove gross offenders.


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    The only thing that can be done to stop the flaming is to turn this forum 
into a fully moderated forum in which the moderator - Al - reads and approves 
postings before allowing them on the forum. Al could also probably block some 
contributors, but they could get around this very easily by just registering as 
a different name.

    A fully moderated forum has a lot of drawbacks:
    - it's a LOT OF WORK for the moderator
    - it slows down posting exchanges
    - it gives the power of censorship to the moderator - which in this case is 
Al, whom I'm comfortable with, but it's always a bone of contention
    - there are probably more drawbacks that I haven't thought of...

    I think it would be better to keep the forum open and just censor the 
postings yourself - by using your delete key.

    Also, and maybe the best suggestion, is we could all help reduce the 
flaming by not responding to flames - which I am guilty of. I do that because 
flaming doesn't bother me. Not responding would reduce the reason to flame 
because there would be no indignant reaction to fuel the flames.

    What does everyone else think?

    Al, this topic keeps coming up. What do you think?


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    I just want the flaming to stop. How can we get that crap off the group?


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