Hi Bill,  Still thinking.  Superstition is a label, just like maya is a label.  Chan is one.  One is everything.  All phenomenon is always there. Any labeling is the act of human mind. Don't pick or choose.(Xin Xin Ming)  No need to have an opinion.

I am not arguing with you.  Just point a way, a way benefited me tremendously.  It just happened to be called Chan.  I can call it Zen.  Then we may really have an argument based who said what.  You don't have to try Chan.  Each of us are bound by our own karma shaping our own journey.  All words are relative to the original moment, like an incident.  When that moment passes, it is no longer relevant.

If you recalled, "Buddha never said a single word."  Let go of everything you know of Zen, meaning purify your mind.

Detach from all forms and formlessness.  In Sync with Buddha Heart.  Chan is that simple. 

Or staying in our Chi and not our senses 24/7.
Roshi - American Zen Association - you like this title?  :-)

Bill Smart wrote:

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED]ps.com, Jue Miao Jing Ming - 覺妙精明
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]..> wrote:
> ...all Zen is from Chan.

>From what I've heard from you of Chan, I'd say zen is bare bones Chan,
stripped of all of what seems to me to be it's superfulous and self-
indulgent superstitions.

> Whatever the incident, whether watching a tree or eating an apple,
> always try to connect to the Chi of it...

When watching a tree, just watch. When eating an apple, just eat.

JMJM, you're getting me confused...do YOU have Chi and also the APPLE
has Chi, or is this all the same Chi? And if it is all the same Chi,
why do you have to TRY to connect with it? Aren't you ALREADY
connected with it?



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