And I am certainly happy to have recently discovered this group. I had previously searched through a number of 'Zen' groups and was disappointed that they were usually very narrow in scope and oriented to particular sects or schools and fairly intolerant as to the posts they accepted. This group is far superior when it comes to real Zen!


On Sep 8, 2008, at 8:24 PM, Fitness63 wrote:

From: Edgar Owen> which is more or less what I've been saying about chi (the common substance of things) and the forms it can take on which correspond to
the discrete things ....>

the more that people have pointed out the differences, the more that I have
noticed the similarities. I appreciate reading your enlightening

It would be nice if more folks participated. This is the kind of forum that I envisioned back in 1999, with a life-force of positive participation and no flaming or bitter words. Though I guess that would be part of the Chi also? I think I can say that the past 9 years have been building towards
this moment.

I am very happy to see it happening.

Thank you to all,


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