Hi Margie,

Read your poems at your site and was quite impressed and hope to read more if you can post them. Your tone reminds me of mine a lot, one that I think few people appreciate, sort of a deep very conscious yet very simple clarity of nature as it is in its overwhelming realness in the moment.

Was surprised to find you are a virgin and a lesbian though! Wouldn't have suspected that! Hopefully you mean metaphorically? :-)


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Hi Edgar,

I've done a little fiction, but this is not my favorite or my best. My
best stuff is non-fiction investigative stuff. Lets see... I've done
lots of work on genetically engineered food. I've done some exposes of
local dirty politics and politicians, this is the work I'm especially
proud of because it made a real difference. I really enjoy research
and investigative work. It helps that I have one of those
"trustworthy" faces, people tell me things without me even asking.
I've had people tell me their deepest secrets while waiting in the
checkout line at the grocery store. I also really enjoy writing
editorials and am told I'm quite good at it.

The other writing I enjoy most and that is related to zen is poetry.
If you'd like to read some of it just go to my blog at

May the zen flow in your ears and out your nose :)
Margie (roloro1557)

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> Hi Margie,
> What kind of writing have you done? Anything relevant to Zen please
> share it.
> Edgar

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