What's the alternative?

The way I think about death is that it doesn't exist. Literally. Zen is consciousness and we can only be conscious of life. We can never be conscious of being dead, so what's the problem? The only reality is the instantaneous present moment. That is always here now to our consciousness. Nothing else exists so it is meaningless illusion to think about being dead. In the direct experience of Zen only other beings can be directly experienced as dead, never consciousness itself which is what we are. Any thoughts of death and dying are abstract imaginations of what does not exist comparing them with what we imagine does exist - the illusory self. Thus being dead is simply another illusion and the Zen mind lets it float away with all the other illusory thoughts.

That solves the problem of death. Suffering is another problem.


On Oct 3, 2008, at 2:14 PM, Al wrote:

As we all get older, and some of us are a lot older, the question for
me now is this: Does Zen give you everything you want? Are you willing
to die sitting on a cushion just saying "this is it?" No Heaven for
you? No Nirvana? No nothing? Just worms??

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