That's why they say to read the Bilble to find out what people were doing wring back then, and that applies equally well to believers today. It's the good people that don't need god or religion in the first place to try to keep them from doing bad.


On Oct 4, 2008, at 5:04 PM, Jody W. Ianuzzi wrote:

Hello Bob,

I always find it ironic when I hear that the only reason why people have
morals is because of a fear of God.

I remember when my nephew was traveling around Europe. He left his bag on the floor next to him at the airport in Israel for 5 minutes and it was
gone. Israel is the home of the three mono theistic religions in the

Compare this to when you could leave a briefcase on a train platform in Japan and find it there the next day. Most Japanese are Buddhist, tao or

So where does God enter into the picture of ethics?


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