Edgar and Bill don't do dishes. We both only eat donated rice out of single dog bowls with our fingers!

Time to wash our bowls, Bill!


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> Anthony,
> All morals and ethics are PERSONAL. They apply ONLY TO YOU.
> You cannot project them on others.

How could it be otherwise?

> I'm telling you, YOU ALREADY KNOW! This is your face before
> your mother was born! This is the cypress tree in the
> courtyard! This is three pounds of flax! (And in Al's case -
> this is dried shit on a stick!) This is your Buddha Nature!
> All you need to do is relax and allow yourself to experience
> it. And one thing that helps you do that is zazen - just
> sitting, no thoughts, no fears, no self - Just THIS!

We all already know!

> (Another thing that seems to help is a lightning strike, but
> if I were you - and I am - I'd suggest we go with zazen.)

He's absolutely right, even *I* don't recommend lightning
strikes! Zazen may not be any easier, but I'm sure it is safer.

> You just need to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and your innate ability
> to know right and wrong, BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF AND YOUR
> JUDGEMENT, and DON'T BE AFRAID TO ACT. Don't get frozen up.
> Don't over-think things.

The importance of this can't be over-stressed. It's one of the things
that repeats over and over again in the old masters, psychology, and
the "better" aspects of religion.

> One more thing... Next time ask an easier question, like
> 'which direction should I face when sitting?' or 'what
> color cushion works best?'. I do best at responding to those.
> ...Bill!

Another wonderful dinner Bill. Isn't it Edgars' turn to do the dishes?

Margie (roloro1557)

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