Diabolical Dracula,
Are you aware it is a sin just to ask the questions you do?
The answer can only be known by God, Allah, Buddha or something like that, not 
by human beings.

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Subject: Re: [Zen] Is SATORI just a fairy tale?
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Date: Tuesday, 4 November, 2008, 3:03 PM

Edgar Owen <> it does cast doubt on specifically human self 
consciousness after brain death.
There is a theory that even the illusion of the white light is the 
brain just trying to give the emotional human a last positive feeling 
of peace. All chemicals. We are just an electrical meat cell, and the 
question is, WHO CREATED THIS PROGRAM and the physical manifestation 
(body) which is way beyond the complexity of any realistic theory of 

We are programmed a certain way. Who programmed us? Why are we seeking 
God, enlightenment, the transcendence of the now and our physical 
limitations? ? What is it we are searching for? It is not something 
new, it is a memory of something we know already. 


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