Is it worth all the dedication just to have those 'fantasies'?
If so, espresso is no fun. Remy Martin is better.

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To answer your question, yes 'satori' is just 'a fairly tale' - an 

My other responses are embedded below:

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> <BillSmart@> 'With complete awareness' would have been better.
> > 
> > 
> With x-ray vision and telekinesis would have been even better. Have 
> you ever considered that this goal you have dedicated your life too 
> as much a sack of bullshit as Heaven, Angels, and Leprechauns?

To what goal do you think I have dedicated my life? Certainly 
not 'satori' or 'enlightnement' , or Heaven, Angels or Leprechauns.

> Chemical scientific analysis of brain functions keeps unlocking the 
> doors to the "white light" and other mystical experiences that have 
> been proven to be hallucinations caused by the chemicals that are 
> manufactured by your brain.

How do you define 'hallucinations' ? Are they a 'false' awareness of 
things that aren't 'really' there? If so, how does 'real' awareness 
of things that are 'really' there happen? Aren't they also caused by 
chemical reactions in the brain? What's the difference?

> Meditate endlessly, and your brain creates a chemical whose effects 
> people have come to know as SATORI. It is not an advanced state of 
> enlightenment, it is just chemicals in your brain. Get with the 
> program. There is no enlightenment. It is all just chemically 
> fantasies on the journey to death.

Satori is an illusion. Enlightenment and especially the belief in 
different states of enlighenment are illusions. So, I guess I would 
have to agree with this last paragraph.

Zatoichi63 or Mac A. Roni or Al or whatever you want to call yourself 
today, just sit! Quit drinking so much expresso and just sit!

No satori, no enlighenment, no Zatoichi63 - Just THIS!



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