I think we are getting closer there.
So you suggest 'dedication for dedication's sake'?
We should practice zen without any goal. Wouldn't it be better to drink Remy 
Martin? Which way is happier?

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I don't know how to respond to you. You seem to be reading a lot into my posts 
that aren't there.

You wrote:
>Tell me why we should dedicate ourselves to anything at all,
>if there is nothing to attain?

I didn't say we should dedicate ourselves TO something. I said dedication is 
always worthwhile. How about: Dedication is its own reward. Is that better? Or: 
Dedication is preferable to indifference. How's that one?

>Your answer is the same as what the Heart Sutra says:
>no ignorance, no end of ignorance... no wisdom, and
>no attainment. But that is mahayana Buddhism. At that
>time, they cared about karma and retribution.

Zen teachings do not contradict or obsolete Mahayana teachings, Mahayana 
teachings do not contradict or obsolete Hinayana teachings, if that's what your 
trying to imply. But I'm not concerned with Buddhism anyway so the point is 
moot for me.

>Now you stopped worrying about the future. Then why
>should you endeavor?

I practice zen (I assume that what you mean by 'endeavor') because that is what 
I do. I practice zen NOW. I do not practice zen to reach any goal or to achieve 
some state in the future.



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