Hi Al,

Due to the discovery of fosilized remains in various strata, scientists have 
ample evidence that species have evolved over millions of years. Of course 
there will be gaps (missing links) where species have not been discovered yet, 
but to say that this is a question of faith (on par with faith in a creator) 
makes as much sense as voting for Sarah Palin. 


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"Jody W. Ianuzzi" > Intelligent Design is a theory not a science.  I 
liked it better when it was called Creationism.

The fact is that Evolution is as much a faith as anything else. In 
every species there is a missing link. You never find that gradual 
Evolution that Darwin talked about. You find one set of bones from one 
million years ago. Then you find a different version of the animal 
500,000 years later. 

In fact, most structures degrade when they mutate, so the odds of a 
one-cell amoeba having created the entire population of life on earth 
is as much a figment of imagination and/or faith as the idea that God 
was the creator. 



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