Evolution seems to be your koan that you have not yet answered!


On Nov 7, 2008, at 10:35 AM, zatoichi63 wrote:

Edgar Owen <Not only do almost all fossil creatures fall into rather
neat evolutionary sequences but so do living species fall into neat
related groupings (taxonomy) >

Taxonomy and Evolution are two different things. That creatures are
related by species is not the same as proving that one evolved from
the other.

> Your contention that any gap disproves evolution>

Your argument is based on faith. Gaps are holes that exist in the
theory. You want to believe something to fill in the gaps. That is

The sick thing is that every Evolution psychopath will not even
acknowledge the obvious, that if you cover a gap with what you THINK
should be there, that is as much faith as believing that Jesus came
back to life. It is something that cannot be proven with direct
evidence. Therefore it is your faith.

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