You are just not up on the science. Not only do almost all fossil creatures fall into rather neat evolutionary sequences but so do living species fall into neat related groupings (taxonomy) and not only that their DNA does as well. You should read up on the facts from scientific sources and not just ID or creationist writings.

Your contention that any gap disproves evolution is as dumb as saying we don't have planets of every possible size (there are gaps in planet sizes) therefore we can't come up with a law of gravity that works for all masses.


On Nov 7, 2008, at 1:52 AM, zatoichi63 wrote:

mike brown > Due to the discovery of fosilized remains in various
strata, scientists have ample evidence that species have evolved over
millions of years. Of course there will be gaps (missing links) where
species have not been discovered yet, but to say that this is a
question of faith (on par with faith in a creator) makes as much
sense as voting for Sarah Palin.

That is faith. Science is facts only, not gaps. A Scientific Theorem
is provable under all possible scenarios. The Law of Gravity comes to
mind. Evolution is not provable. It is not a scientific law, just a
theory, as valid as walking on water.

As far as evolution being proven by fossils, point out one example.
You have lots of fossils of different creatures, but even with the
200 million year old turtles, you do not have evidence of evolution.
You have evidence of turtles that existed 200 million years ago, and
they died and became extinct. Then you have evidence of other
turtles. There is no evidence of evolution, which would be Turtle A,
then the evolved Turtle A. The fossil records show Turtle A, then
Turtle B, etc. There is no fossil of a Snapping Turtle which evolved
into a better Snapping Turtle.

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