That is horrible, and I'm sorry you have to see that. I once saved a baby wood 
duck who had been left behind by his mother. It was wonderful, the time I spent 
with him. I named him Quackers.
However, I think about this and I am something of a hypocrite.
I love ducks but despise roaches and head lice. Is there an inherent difference 
between the two 'categories'? Does a duck have more right to life and respect 
than a roach? I could make the argument that ducks are higher on the 
evolutionary ladder and therefore more deserving of consideration, but in the 
end, I have to admit that it's a lame argument.
So, I will continue on as I have, saving ducks and killing head lice when my 
child gets it.

From: Karin <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 1:55:57 AM
Subject: [Zen] Ducks Have Buddha Nature?

I work at a shopping mall and there is a canal nearby and there are 
lots of ducks in the area. I feed them out of the back of the store 
sometimes, and they run towards me and I talk to them. That is fun. 

However, many people dislike the ducks because they poop a lot, and I 
have seen some people run them over with their cars when they are 
driving through the shopping center. They have contempt for the ducks 
and think that if the ducks are in the way of the car, it is OK to run 
over them. This is very sad to me. 


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