So, I guess that's where the real question occurs, isn't it? What is vermin? 
What is a pest? As the early poster pointed out, some people consider the ducks 
a pest because they leave their droppings everywhere. So, we have moved the 
definition of 'pest' up that ladder a bit. When does it stop? I believe one 
could easily make the argument that God is a pest and therefore has no more 
right to exist than the roaches he has seen fit to place on this earth.

Of course, I realize this wasn't the answer you wanted, or even expected, but I 
have to say, you have inadvertently added something to this conversation and 
for that I'm grateful. No opportunity to look at a problem in a different light 
should ever be shunned, regardless of where it may have originated from.

From: Karin Machado <>
Sent: Friday, December 19, 2008 3:51:28 PM
Subject: Re: [Zen] Ducks Have Buddha Nature?

Vince <I could make the argument that ducks are higher on the evolutionary 
ladder and therefore more deserving of consideration, >

I disagree. God put pests on earth too, and not so we could kiss up to them but 
just to see how many stupid people would claim that they had souls and not kill 
them. Those dumb bastards in India who live among vermin are doomed to be 
reborn as cockroaches and rats. 

Insects have no souls and no buddha nature. They are vermin and they are 


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