Thank you.

I like compactness and economy of words, I like "a lot packed into a
little" whenever possible. I do occasionally write more lenghty,
essay-ish posts though.

Intentions are always open to interpretation, aren't they? Assumptions
and concepts often get in the way, don't they?  Words are tools- like
most tools they have certain safety issues and should be used with
caution, yes?

This is why I like animals so much. No words - yet there is always
communication and plenty of understanding :-) Or at least it's that way
for me.


--- In, "maitreya003" <joult...@...> wrote:
> I will not assume things.  A good idea if you don't want your
intentions to be open to interpretation is to explain them.  Single
lines have different meanings for different people, so use the lines,
but then share the meaning they have for you. This way the need to tell
me and Anthony you don't wish to explain yourself would not be
necessary. If you are trying to make a point, express it.  But to make a
point that is misunderstood and offer no understanding is a waste.  I
will respect your wishes though.  If you post something, and I do not
understand then I will ask your meaning and if you wish to you will
expound on it, if not that's ok too.

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