In zen, the absolute is not "Just This."   To encounter the Absolute
is not yet enlightenment.    "Just this" is not some magic words
meaning something other than what is right in front of us.  It is ..
just ... this.

The absolute meets the relative like a box and lid - fitting together
to make a seamless reality, which is just this reality right here.


On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 7:26 AM, salik888 <> wrote:
> Dear Mike
> Another good question -- compelled?  To a certain extent, yes, but not 
> entirely.
> In the case of Rumi and Sufis, the Beloved (Absolute)is longed for like a 
> lover, and this longing is the love and the lover . . . it is a perfect 
> expression.
> Of course you find this in Everyday Zen, right, or even in Bill's insistence 
> that all this is just 'sitting', -- nothing special.  It is a way of bringing 
> the Absolute right down into the mundane expression of the contingent -- 
> Maya, Delusion, Dunya . . .
> Rumi sees our origins as endlessness that has been darkened by our faulty 
> conditioning -- in short we are eternity . . . he often uses the absence of 
> the Beloved (not realizing)to remind the lover . . . and to take the elixir, 
> the wine, and become intoxicated with eternity (Allah, Absolute, Al Dhat, 
> Void, God, etc)
> Of course, he was a Poet, so you have to enter into the framework through the 
> eyes of a metaphysical poet.
> best wishes
> Kirk
> --- In, mike brown <uerusub...@...> wrote:
>> Kirk,
>> Is that "greed" to be united with the Beloved - or are we compelled?
>> Mike
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>> From: salik888 <novelid...@...>
>> To:
>> Sent: Mon, 13 September, 2010 2:35:23
>> Subject: [Zen] Rumi -- Jewels of Remembrance
>> Â
>> The Beloved has blocked every escape
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> Friends, the Beloved has blocked every escape:
>> we are lame deer and He a prowling lion.
>> Cornered by a fierce and bloodthirsty lion
>> what is there to do but surrender?
>> This Beloved, like the sun, neither sleeps nor eats:
>> He makes souls sleepless and hungry,
>> saying, "Come, be Me, or one with Me in nature,
>> so when I unveil Myself, you may behold My Face.
>> And if you had not beheld it,
>> how would you have become so distraught?
>> You were earth, and now
>> you long to be quickened with spiritual life."
>> Already the Beloved has bestowed gifts
>> from that world of spacelessness,
>> otherwise why would your spiritual eye keep gazing there?
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> Ay rafiqân râh-hâ-râ bast Yâr
>> âhu-ye langim va U shir-e shekâr
>> Joz keh taslim o rezâ ku châreh-'i
>> dar kaff-e shir-e nari khun khvâreh-'i
>> U na-dârad khvâb o khvor chon âftâb
>> ruh-hâ-râ mi konad bi khvord o khvâb
>> Keh "Biyâ Man bâsh yâ ham ham khu-ye Man
>> tâ be-bini dar tajalli Ru-ye Man
>> Var na-didi chon chonin shaydâ shodi
>> khâk budi tâleb-e ehyâ shodi"
>> Gar ze bi suyet na-dâdast U `alaf
>> cheshm-e jânet chon be-mândast ân taraf
>> -- Mathnawi VI: 576-581
>> Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
>> Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance
>> Threshold Books, 1996
>> Persian transliteration courtesy of Yahyá Mona
> ------------------------------------
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Current Book Discussion: any Zen book that you recently have read or are 
reading! Talk about it today!Yahoo! Groups Links

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