What is the beloved to you?
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I very much agree, and very well put Chris :-) 

I think "achieving mystic union with some Beloved" is just another concept that 
takes one further from zen. To me zen is about reality, about shedding concepts 
and judgements. To me zen is getting rid of ideas about reality and dealing 
with reality directly. 

Also, to me, zen is about doing things 100%, being totally present, as the 
saying "when the dancer becomes the dance" or as I said in another post 
"marvelous spiritual power, chopping wood and carrying water!" Not mysticism, 
just reality please- straight, no chaser :-)


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> hopefully arranged into an appropriate pattern to make my point that 
> zen, as I understand it, is nothing to do with our dreams to escape 
> the mundane reality we see before us to achieve mystic union with 
> some Beloved. It is not about escaping life, but a way to engage all 
> of life in a balanced and realistic fashion. 

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