Only minus the sore arse and fired-up Mayka.


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The 90% is like zazen - experiential learning.   --ED

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After a hard days work there's nothing better than to have a few beers and stir 
things up here a bit. It's 90% ego entertainment and about 10% (probably less) 
has some meaningful value. I enjoy it a lot : )

Bill, ED and all:
Bill wrote:
For me the Zen Forum is an e-sangha, somewhere I can go to discuss zen and
other related subjects with others.

Very glad to hear you say this.  For me this zen forum is the only place in 
which I can express myself openly with no consequences of having done 
so.    And 
because of that I'm able to express always what is in me with no fear or 
In addition,  I find this forum very supportive to myself practise.     I 
like the variety and mix of different characters participating on it.  Each 
person has a characteristic that is unique to that person.  Heart feels taking 
this posting opportunity  to thank all its participants once and again.
What about you ED, Mike, Anthony, Chris, Vincent, Mark...? 


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