Cross out the two 'non's and add 'bad' before the the 'zen'.

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Is it implied in your post below that you are a non-spiritual, non-religious 
zen practitioner?
Or is it something else?
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> ED,
> I already spoke of my religious/spiritual orientation in my remark below.
> Anthony

> Anthony,
> What is your religious/spiritual orientation?
> --ED

> > Siska,
> > Zen seems to be different from Buddhism, but I think it is the same, less 
> > the name Buddha. Sakyamuni Buddha preached for 45 years to instruct people 
> > to give up attachment. That is what zen is doing. The reason why zen 
> > 'kills' Buddha is because the name has been contaminated by all kinds of 
> > stupid stories by mahayana and Tantra.
> > 
> > Anthony

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