Good Morning Ed,
I think you may be confusing femininst with fem-domme here. Its likely that Tim 
understands the joys of ball-clamps better than most.
As for Anthony-- if pain and pleasure  are the yin /yang of lust, perhaps a 
dungeon in the basement of his local zen center is precisely where he should 
begin his journey.
Rainy here today. I love a rany day now and again. A day for tea and 
contemplation, or simply a day to stay in bed? Perhaps the net experience is 
the same. 
Be well.. k

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OTOH, one ball-breaking liaison with an American feminist might cure A's 
curiosity about Tantric sex for good!  ;-)  e
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> *chuckles*
> Well then-- I dare say that you have a homework assignment this weekend. 
> Please don't spare us any of the details Monday morning.
> Is it comparable with buddhism? I can offer that Bill IS correct on this 
> point because it truly is 'just this'!  A true experience of universal 
> one-ness, with no need for ego, intellect or thought of any kind. I invite 
> you to seek your tantric tigress and let the flow of energy be your guide.  
> Enjoy ;)  k

> Kristy,
> I haven't had a mind blowing experience for a long time, but I will search in 
> my memory to locate it. 
> My curiosity on Tantrism in regard to sex remains. Is it compatible with 
> Buddhism? 
> Anthony

> Anthony;)
> One experience of truly mind-blowing sex can tell you this.  Enjoy your 
> weekend...K

> ......"they shed light on the relationship with lust and spiritualism.
> I am curious why Tantrism attaches so much significance to that.
> Anthony


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