As I have neither the time nor expertise to substitute  there.. let me offer a  
more serious thought. 
If you  truly are asking a question about if or how sexuality  intersects with 
spirituality, I can say that I had an experience wherein there was such a 
fusion of physical body and soul / heart / mind energies (however you  
interpret those), that it was  as if space and time fell away or  did not 
exist. There were no egos, secrets, inhibitions or thoughts. Consciousness and 
physicality merged. Its primal energy and primordial spirit. Animal intensity 
but somehow driven by a soul awareness for which there are no words. An 
intensity beyond measure and impossible to duplicate exactly. An intimacy so 
profound it felt like touching God-source (however  defined). A complete 
acceptance of energy flow.
I couldn't speak for a day. My body tingled for nearly a week. I had no desire 
for food and drank only small amounts of water at a time for days. Its just 
un-defineable. Its experential.
But , for me, it left me believing in "spirit" (beit mind /heart or soul).  k
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From: Anthony Wu <>
Subject: Re: [Zen] Re: FW: Quote from St. Thomas Aquinas
Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010, 4:50 PM


K and E,
My local zen center just had the teacher quit. Who will apply for the job to 
supervise the activities in the basement?

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From: Kristy McClain <>
Subject: Re: [Zen] Re: FW: Quote from St. Thomas Aquinas
Date: Sunday, 7 November, 2010, 2:43 AM


Good Morning Ed,
I think you may be confusing femininst with fem-domme here. Its likely that Tim 
understands the joys of ball-clamps better than most.
As for Anthony-- if pain and pleasure  are the yin /yang of lust, perhaps a 
dungeon in the basement of his local zen center is precisely where he should 
begin his journey.
Rainy here today. I love a rany day now and again. A day for tea and 
contemplation, or simply a day to stay in bed? Perhaps the net experience is 
the same. 
Be well.. k

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Subject: [Zen] Re: FW: Quote from St. Thomas Aquinas
Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010, 8:57 AM


OTOH, one ball-breaking liaison with an American feminist might cure A's 
curiosity about Tantric sex for good!  ;-)  e
--- In, Kristy McClain <healthypl...@...> wrote:
> *chuckles*
> Well then-- I dare say that you have a homework assignment this weekend. 
> Please don't spare us any of the details Monday morning.
> Is it comparable with buddhism? I can offer that Bill IS correct on this 
> point because it truly is 'just this'!  A true experience of universal 
> one-ness, with no need for ego, intellect or thought of any kind. I invite 
> you to seek your tantric tigress and let the flow of energy be your guide.  
> Enjoy ;)  k

> Kristy,
> I haven't had a mind blowing experience for a long time, but I will search in 
> my memory to locate it. 
> My curiosity on Tantrism in regard to sex remains. Is it compatible with 
> Buddhism? 
> Anthony

> Anthony;)
> One experience of truly mind-blowing sex can tell you this.  Enjoy your 
> weekend...K

> ......"they shed light on the relationship with lust and spiritualism.
> I am curious why Tantrism attaches so much significance to that.
> Anthony


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