You are not alone. We see the world the way it is because many don't believe in 
karma, believe it can be invalidated one way or the other, or don't bother to 
think about it at all.

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> Your action has immediate consequences, as well as those afterwards.

Worrying about those long term effects strikes me as being like worrying about 
what is the outcome of history or
life. Who knows. 

(Worrying here in the sense of putting your full non-dual attention on them; 
obviously if you are engaged in some task, you will have to figure out your 
estimate of the effects of various courses of action; use the compostable paper 
cup or bring a ceramic mug that will eventually break and go into landfill; get 
this degree to work in that field. ). 

I can think that the effects of a lifetime of habitual meanness will be 
severer, but I find for myself that habitual meanness can only be avoided one 
burning angry moment at a time. 

Chris Austin-Lane
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