You've hit the nail on the head!

The US and UK have aided and abetted the Israelis in robbing the
Palestinians of their lands and murdering them; and they have occupied
the lands of the Muslim people, have been responsible for the deaths of
hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and then they shriek terrorists!,
terrorists! and expect their karma to be expiated.

We are just too autistic to imagagine what we would have done, had any
nation done to us that we have done to these people.  And we zen folk
close our eyes and our ears, sit on our backsides, and seek


PS: c-span video on principal cause of suicide terrorism
<>    (42 min)

Robert Pape talked about a sub-project of the University of Chicago's
Project on Security and Terrorism on "suicide terrorism," which compiles
statistics and keeps a database of all the suicide attacks in the world
in the last decade.

In his remarks he focused on the conclusions of the data and presented a
number of video clips from suicide bombers giving their last testaments.
He responded to questions from the audience.

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> Chris,
> You are not alone. We see the world the way it is because many don't
believe in karma, believe it can be invalidated one way or the other, or
don't bother to think about it at all.
> Anthony

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