On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 8:53 AM, sol <a...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> if a bug fixed in Illumos is never reported to Oracle by a customer,
>> it would likely never get fixed in Solaris either
> :-(
> I would have liked to think that there was some good-will between the ex- and 
> current-members of the zfs team, in the sense that the people who created zfs 
> but then left Oracle still care about it enough to want the Oracle version to 
> be as bug-free as possible.

My intention was to encourage users to report bugs to both, Oracle and
Illumos.  It's possible that Oracle engineers pay attention to the
Illumos bug database, but I expect that for legal reasons the will not
look at Illumos code that has any new copyright notices relative to
Oracle code.  The simplest way for Oracle engineers to avoid all
possible legal problems is to simply ignore at least the Illumos
source repositories, possibly more.  I'm speculating, sure; I might be

As for good will, I'm certain that there is, at least at the engineer
level, and probably beyond.  But that doesn't mean that there will be
bug parity, much less feature parity.

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