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 Hi James,

Am 20.05.14 23:31, schrieb James Hoyt:
> Oh yeah I'm sorry. I meant I'd upgrade to the latest dev version of
> MacZFS ^^
> I think I'm confused between zfs create vs zpool create. If you
> want to point me to any links, I'll read them up along with what
> exactly Normalization is.

 A quite informative (but technical) article regarding RaidZ
 performance is this 2008 blog post:


 Regarding zpool vs. zfs, I'd suggest any ZFS administration handbook
 you like.  A classic one is the "Solaris ZFS Administration Guide",
 available online from Oracle at


 I'd suggest chapter 3, then article
 then chapter 2 and finally chapter 1, in that particular order.

 Unfortunately, it is only a HTML version.  It used to be available in
 PDF in the past, but apparently Oracle stopped that practice.  Google
 is your friend anyway.

 There are also some quite good talks on ZFS basics on youTube and some
 nice slide sets out there, but I don't have any administration related
 ones at hand.  I have more the technical stuff aimed at ZFS development

 Bets regards


> On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 4:21 PM, Bjoern Kahl
> <googlelo...@bjoern-kahl.de> wrote:
> Hi James,
> Am 20.05.14 21:32, schrieb James Hoyt:
>>>> So it sounds like I need to recreate my zpool ...
>>>> "Logical Block Size" = 512 "Physical Block Size" = 4096
>>>> So I should use the following command on my next zpool to
>>>> help finder performance and make it compatible for 4k
>>>> drives?
>>>> zfs create -o normalization=formD atime=off murr ashift=12
>>>> (let me know if I have any errors in this)
> Almost.
> As said in my other mail an hour ago, "normalization" doesn't exist
> in the stable MacZFS version.  Also each option needs its own "-o"
> and ashift is a pool option, not a file system option.
> You do "zpool create -o ashift=12 -O atime=off murr _devices_ ..."
> Note the capital "-O" and the small letter "-o".
> And for subsequent file systems (datasets in ZFS language) you use
> "zfs create -o atime=off _pool_name/fs_name_"
> If you used the development version, then you would add a "-O
> normalization=formD" in the zpool command and a "-o
> normalization=formD" in the zfs command.

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