Dan R Allen wrote:

> Mark:
> Everyone always has the right to decide on the morality of any given
> situation.  It's our God given agency.  But of course that's not what you
> meant.
> Dan:
> Actually, that is what I meant - I'm just not explaining it very well.
> Comes from the constant work interruptions I guess.
> I was trying to state that nations, which are created by men, have the
> right to determine the morality of their actions as do the individual
> It's derived from that right of the individual. Whether or not _we_ want
> agree that a given action is moral or not is really irrelevant - they
> continue to have the right, and ability, to make that determination for
> themselves.

Do you argue, then, that they also bear responsibility for their choices?

Of course. But to who do they bear that responsibility, the UN, France?
Neither are capable of making that judgement.

> Mark:
> In the case of Australia and New Zealand or anything similar, I would do
> the Brethren suggested in a First Presidency letter or statement (that
> the one produced around WWII):  if I thought the weaker country was being
> unjustly attacked and if the weaker country asked me for help, then I
> be justified in helping.  I would not be justified in inciting the larger
> country to anger in the first place.
> Dan:
> While I agree in principle, how do we go about determining what
> is?

There have been a number of 1P statements and other commentary by the
brethren on
what constitutes a moral war and what doesn't. Start with "War and Peace"
"War and the Military" articles in the EoM.

In the case of a Western hemisphere country, there's also the additional
of Ether (which also, like any OT covenant, has a corresponding curse for
following the covenant).

First, I don't have access to the EoM, and second, while I agree that most
wars that we have fought were not "righteous" according to the criteria of
the BoM, the UN and like-minded countries and individuals don't have the
moral authority to make that judgement. The living prophet has both the
authority and responsibility to make that call, and so far he has been
neutral, if not supportive.

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