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>There have been a number of 1P statements and other commentary by the
>brethren on what constitutes a moral war and what doesn't. Start with "War and Peace"
>and "War and the Military" articles in the EoM.

Why turn to the commentaries of the Brethren?  Just learn the eternal principles of 
war explained by the Lord in D&C, Section 98.  We are never justified in aggression.  
And we may not retaliate until the enemy has come against us four times with a warning 
from us after the first three.

The Brethren stick pretty close the standard works.  They don't deviate far if at all. 
 Some might argue that this is a "different kind of war."  Don't let the devil deceive 
you.  The principles are eternal.  If we can't find how to implement them in the 
current situation then we need to figure out a way to do it.  Do what is right.  Let 
the consequences follow.  It's not just an nice saying, it is the Law.

I'm not expecting much agreement from the mostly right-wing crowd on Zion, although 
I've been so far to right all my life that I have nearly fallen off the left-right 
spectrum.  A person does not have to approve a dishonorable war just because he is a 
conservative.  It is not a matter of conservative or liberal.  It is a matter of right 
and wrong.

Enemies inside our border is a police problem, not military problem.  Enemies outside 
our borders are a military problem.  And the military has that problem only when our 
nation is in imminent danger of destruction.  Neither conventional or unconventional 
war can be waged without identifying the enemy.  And so far our national leaders 
haven't been doing very well in that department.  

The whole situation stinks.  I predict that the War on Terrorism will end up like the 
War on Poverty and the War on Drugs.  In other words we are going to spend 
unimaginable amounts of money, giving a blank check to our president; and in the 
process we are going to have our rights and our liberties taken from us in the name of 
national security.

Heck, the people in this country won't even let their pilots be armed.  Just how 
realistic are we about this war?  Drastic problems require drastic solutions.  But 
when a solution is suggested, ask your self a couple of questions:  Is this proposed 
solution actually going to benefit the people of the United State, or is it being 
proposed as a pretext for doing things our leaders would otherwise not dare to do.  
And then ask yourself, is the proposed solution actually going to solve the problem?

All I have seen from Bush, the media, and the man in the street is a lot of breathless 
rhetoric.  And almost everyone is swallowing whatever is fed to them by Bush and the 
media.  Where were we when Heavenly Father was passing out the critical faculty?  One 
of the most important qualities of a good education is to instill the willingness and 
ability to resist propaganda.  If we don't approach US foreign and military policy 
with an educated and critical mind,  refusing to automatically accept anything we hear 
on the evening news, then we are uneducated indeed.  Not only that, but we will 
ultimately do a lot that we will be ashamed of latter on.  Without the critical 
faculty, we are easy prey to the deceptions of the devil.  I personally believe that 
he has a lot to do with the approaching war, but he is doing it through his mortal 

John W. Redelfs                                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
President J. Reuben Clark warned: "The ravening wolves 
are amongst us, from our own membership, and they, 
more than any others, are clothed in sheep's clothing, 
because they wear the habiliments of the Priesthood….  
We should be careful of them." (CR April 1949, p. 163.) 
(Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p.354)

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