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>"John W. Redelfs" wrote:
> > at 12:52 PM 9/23/02 -0700 Marc Schindler favored us with:
> > >There have been a number of 1P statements and other commentary by the
> > >brethren on what constitutes a moral war and what doesn't. Start with 
> "War and Peace"
> > >and "War and the Military" articles in the EoM.
> >
> > Why turn to the commentaries of the Brethren?  Just learn the eternal 
> principles of war explained by the Lord in D&C, Section 98.  We are never 
> justified in aggression.  And we may not retaliate until the enemy has 
> come against us four times with a warning from us after the first three.
> >
>Indeed. But some people are selective in what they read in the scriptures, 
>I'm afraid.

What I'm afraid of is the judgement or meting "out as a just measure"  upon 
the United States (and those nations who join with the U.S.) if we invade 
Iraq without provocation.

Steven Montgomery

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