Dan R Allen wrote:

> If you're refrring to Iraq, nothing has happened yet, so what's to comment
> on?
> But I think the criteria that have been set out by the brethren (not to
> mention
> the D&C) as to what constitutes a moral war are quite clear, and an
> invasion of
> Iraq would violate those criteria.
> Dan:
> Which is why I said "so far". The "War on Terror" was started as a response
> to a specific act, and the prophet's comments were somewhat supportive of
> that first response. The proposed attack on Iraq is a continuation of that
> War - albeit on a second front, and may or may not pass muster since we, we
> being the common citizenry, don't really know what part Iraq played in that
> original attack.

Also it's important to note that Pres. Hinckley said a military response in
response to the WTC bombing would be appropriate, but he has said nothing (yet)
about a war on Iraq.

> There is nothing stopping President Hinckley from speaking out against the
> attack before it occurs, that's what SWK did on the MX proposal.

The attack on Iraq has not yet been defined; it's kind of hard for anyone to
respond; the MX proposal was well underway, let alone well-defined by the time
Pres. Kimball and counsellors, responded. It was either in that statement or
elsewhere that Pres. Kimball made an interesting observation/prophecy: that there
was never a case where weapons that were made that they weren't eventually used.
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