Dan R Allen wrote:

> Responsibility for an action taken implies a "to". You bear the
> responsibility of attempting suicide _to_ both yourself, and God. Breaking
> your neck is the consequence of the act of _choosing_ to ignore the effects
> of gravity.
> A significant consequence of making war is the loss of life and it's
> effects on the survivors. A nation's responsibility for making that choice
> is to it's own citizens first, and all others second.

Okay, but we're still talking about two different things: moral responsibility
and cause-and-effect (the consequences of something). If you walk off the cliff
unaware of the law of gravity you will still die (there will still be
consequences), but you're not morally responsible.

> Marc:
> I posted the articles from the EoM and a 1P statement as well, a week or
> two ago,
> here. Also, if you have a public or university library nearby you probably
> *do*
> have access to the EoM.
> Dan:
> I meant that I don't have _ready_ access, ie, I can't get to it from here
> at work, and I didn't remember you posting the relevant articles.

I can repost them again, although it's probably easiest for you to search on the
topica archives.

> > and second, while I agree that most
> > wars that we have fought were not "righteous" according to the criteria
> of
> > the BoM, the UN and like-minded countries and individuals don't have the
> > moral authority to make that judgement. The living prophet has both the
> > authority and responsibility to make that call, and so far he has been
> > neutral, if not supportive.
> >
> Marc:
> What do you mean by "so far"?
> Dan:
> "So far" it appears that he does not feel that the US government has acted
> irresponsibly in this regard. I added the "so far" because obviously that
> can change.

You've lost me. There are numerous statements from the 1P condemning war, and
condemning specific actions of the government (the statement by SWK on the MX
Missiles is a good example of that).

If you're refrring to Iraq, nothing has happened yet, so what's to comment on?
But I think the criteria that have been set out by the brethren (not to mention
the D&C) as to what constitutes a moral war are quite clear, and an invasion of
Iraq would violate those criteria.

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

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