Good points and analysis.

Let's move to more nuclear and solar and fuel cell energy and let the Saudis
sink into their own cesspool.  of course, we may have another Iraq to deal
with, but, then, that will give us something to argue about.


Gary Smith wrote:

> Let's see: 17 of 19 hijackers in the WTC were Saudis. Osama Bin Laden's
> father owns the largest construction firm in Saudi Arabia. The official
> Saudi news organization condemns the US, and calls the suicide bombers,
> "martyrs."
> The actual problem isn't that the Saudi head prince is against the US.
> The problem is (and this is true with many of the Arab nations) that they
> have severe economic and political struggles. Rather than have the poor
> and struggling mad at the crown prince, they divert people's anger
> towards the West and Israel. In this way, they don't risk losing their
> power to a democracy; and they don't have to fix the problems.
> So we get an unofficial/official support of Western aggression.

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