> Dan:
> Where is the evidence that those 15 were sent by the Saudi government?

Their passports. John didn't say they were sent by the Saudi government, he
merely pointed out that they were Saudis, which is true.

I wasn't denying that they were Saudi's; only that they were not operating
under orders from the Saudi government. On the other hand, Iraq's
government, through Saddam, has been linked to terrorism.

> Osama bin Laden was exiled from Saudi Arabia well before the attacks.

???On the WTC.??? - What does this mean?
 But he orchestrated the first WTC bombing and the bombing of the USS
Cole, plus the bombing of a disco in Berlin, from his base in Sudan, where
likely is now (if not in Kashmir).

The government almost certainly not, but I'm not aware of anyone making
claim. It is the "fraternal brotherhoods," the "Ikhwan" (association of
Brotherhood -- like the Knights of Columbus to the Catholics) and
madrassam, or
religious schools, that do the fund-raising. They are based in Saudi
"that's where the money is."

And this is what I was talking about. The Saudi government is not
supporting this (at least officially), but is unable to deal with
brotherhoods without losing support and power.

> Last I heard we still have bases in Saudi Arabia -

You have one base near Dhohar, and its status is in doubt. When you build a
in a foreign country its status is always that of a guest installation of
host country. You know, like Guantanamo Bay and Panama City. Well, on
thought, let's not go too far with the hospitality thang.

Nevertheless, it is still there, and still in operation. The personnel are
even allowed to leave the base and play the tourist in town. I suspect that
this is also the base where the Southern Iraqi no-fly zone is patrolled
Germany would probably be a better example for what you're looking for.

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