"with honour" is the occidental version of the oriental "saving face."

Gary Smith wrote:

> I'm no Nixon fan, but actually his goal was to get us OUT of Vietnam
> (which LBJ got us heavily into) "with Honor." Withdrawals take time,
> especially when you are trying to prepare the South Vietnamese to
> continue the war on their own.
> How many innocent civilians died in the first Gulf War? Depends on your
> definition of "civilian." If you mean the Iraqi soldiers that we bombed,
> who were sitting in the middle of Kuwait when we bombed them, yes I guess
> there were a few hundred thousand casualties.
> However, if you mean the average person living in a city, then there were
> very few. Our bombing targeted military targets. Some bombs missed their
> targets, yes. But the numbers killed were at most in the hundreds of
> civilians, not thousands. Oh, BTW, how many Kuwaiti civilians were
> killed, raped or harmed by the Iraqi soldiers? Thousands.
> So, I guess it is a fair trade off.
> Yes, our nation tends to concentrate on wars that affect us. Yes, oil is
> a consideration because people like you and me enjoy our cars and
> electricity.  However, blaming us for Africa's problems is wrong. Even
> with our vast resources, we don't have limitless resources. We have gone
> into a few African nations before to help. Remember Sudan? Just how were
> we to stop a genocide war in Rwanda?  And to repeat a mantra of Marc's,
> why does it always have to be the USA that stops the problems in the
> world? Why are we slammed for not helping in Africa, when we have a
> perfectly useless United Nations sitting in prime American real estate
> that should be slammed for not doing their job. After all, isn't that
> what their charter is about? Last I looked, the USA's charter was to
> defend ourselves and our interests. It would have been nice if we could
> stop all the genocides in the world, as well as walk every little old
> lady across the street. However, we don't have the ability to be all
> things. So we must pick and choose, and hopefully our efforts don't cause
> harm, and hopefully we pick the right things for the right purpose.
> We currently are worked up over Hussein due to his eagerness to obtain
> weapons of mass destruction and his compunction to use such items. If it
> were only over oil, it would be easier for us just to go to the UN and
> ask that the sanctions on Iraq be dropped. I'm sure that would make a lot
> of oil companies very happy. However, we have a greater issue, based not
> upon oil, but upon preserving the lives of hundreds of thousands of
> people in our metropolitan areas.
> Don't worry, John. I think Ketchikan is a good hide out. I highly doubt
> the huge radical Muslim population in Juneau will find their way to your
> island. OTOH, I happen to live in the town where the Air Force has its
> major schools, including Air War College, where we train Colonels to be
> our future Generals. Definitely a place to loose a nuke.  Personally, I
> am glad we are trying to slow the development of high grade weapons by
> Saddam.
> Nixon wasn't impeached because he resigned prior to it happening. He
> wasn't prosecuted because Ford pardoned him. These are both
> Constitutional events, even if we don't like the outcome. In fact, my
> parents worked on a campaign to have Ford impeached for his pardoning
> Nixon. Yes, there is corruption. I have no doubt of that. Yes, there are
> those who want to destroy the Constitution and this nation from inside.
> But I can't fight a shadow, neither could the Nephites. Only when the
> Gadiantons came to light were they able to fight them.
> BTW, Gadiantons were BOTH internal and external to the nation. The
> internal ones kept hidden until they gained power enough to obtain the
> government. The external ones actually had their own government and
> places of resort/nation. They became so powerful that the Nephites and
> Lamanites had to gather together in Lachoneus' day to save themselves
> from them. So it isn't that we can only fall from within, there are just
> as many dangers from without. However, our faith and repentance will
> determine whether we survive the onslaughts that occur.
> K'aya K'ama,
> Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1 @juno.com    http://www
> .geocities.com/rameumptom/index.html
> "No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
> Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
> JWR:
> Was Nixon actively killing civilians when he sent 60,000 American
> fighting
> men to Vietnam with no intentions of accomplishing anything?  How many
> innocent civilians died during the Persian Gulf War of George Bush, Sr?
> A
> hundred thousand?  Two hundred thousand?
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